Written in the Wall Street Journal "Letters to the editor"

In response to Suein Hwang's Jan. 19 page-one story "As 'Doulas' Enter Delivery Rooms, Conflicts Arise-Hired to Help in Childbirth. They Sometimes Clash With Doctor's and Nurses":

'A Safe and Satisfying Birth Experience'

I have excellent relationships with parents, nurses and doctors. I get most of my clients from doctor referrals. That's because, as your article says, doulas make births faster, easier and safer. In this age of managed care and busy schedules, the staff has limited time for TLC. As instructed by Penny Simkin and others, I never give medical advice. It's a small minority of doulas who create any conflict. My job is to make the birth and/or postpartum experince a fantastic event by assisting the medical staff.

Jan Martinka